Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Where are they now? - Part 3 - Other notable nobles

In preparation for the restart of our campaign here's the latest updates concerning some of our previous supporting cast.  This time it is other Nobles of note:

Count Innocence Decados
Since the events of "The Arcadia Affair" and the implication of his House (and his own knights directly) in events, the Count has withdrawn again into his self imposed exile. Rarely seen in court these days many wonder if he is actually spending most of his time off world.

Lady Chastity Decados
While her father may have withdrawn from Ravenna society again Chastity has embraced it. She acts as her father's representative at most formal functions and events and seems to be going out of her way to play to all the tropes and stereotypes of the Decados.  Rarely out of the gossip columns she has been linked with a string of affairs and trysts both with nobility and freemen. In the true nature of her House she seems determined to shock and outrage the formal and traditional Ravennans but so far has avoided formal censure other than some harshly worded public admonishments, negative Town Crier editorials and being the direct target of a number of fiery sermons by notable clergy. Whether she has a deliberate long term goal, other than to cause controversy, is unclear.

Lady Yelizaveta Decados
Once Sir Bedevere's ransom was arranged and settled and the Hawkwood's ships and remaining crew returned the Lady Yelizaveta appears to have faded away. As one of the Count's key agents it is likely she will resurface at some point but how, where and in what guise, only the Pancreator can say. As for Sir Hasimir's ill fated vessel, "The Questionable Intent", that remains in Decados control and is berthed in Ravenna orbit in a dock rented by the Count.

Countessa Morgana Trusnikron
Still the undisputed ruler of her House on Ravenna the Countessa continues her open support of her dear friend the Countess Cassandra Hawkwood. Her House troops have seen heavy losses (both in manpower and beasts) and she has seen some internal pressure to withdraw or reduce her support. Mercifully perhaps, due to the respect in which she has held, she has seen off all these challenges. However it may only be a matter of time unless the tide of the war turns. Some speculate that she may have therefore had a hand in bringing in the various errant knights who have joined Cassandra's cause, and it is notable that a number are Trusnikrons from other worlds.

Baronet Theodore Gangrel Trusnikron
The rough and hardy knight still serves as stable master and beast and horse trainer for Baron Tochiro but that agreement comes to an end soon. The Trusnikron support of Countess Cassandra, coupled with the negative view of the Baron (and the suggestion that his funds may be on the wane) give rise to much speculation that this arrangement will not be renewed.

Sir Vim Militas-Djinn Al Malik
Sir Vim has apparently succumbed to wanderlust once more and headed off into the Known Worlds upon a quest. After his disappearance the courtly gossips of Ravenna will recall and relate that he was seen at a soiree in a private discussion with Baroness Emeraldas Al Malik Justinian, in which neither of them appeared very pleased, some might say that they were irate (well, as irate as users of the Graceful Tongue become)

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